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  E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG
Alte Wermatswilerstrasse 4
CH-8320 Fehraltorf
Phone: +41 44 954 88 66
Fax: +41 44 954 31 40
E-mail: info@estextildruck.ch
History of Schellenberg Textildruck AG
2011 Retirement of Peter Schellenberg from the daily business operations.  Handover to his son, Urs Schellenberg
2011 65 years of E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG and 65th birthday of Peter Schellenberg
2010 Relocation of the knitting shop and cooperation agreement with the Willi Hermann company in Vorarlberg
2009 Takeover of the Strickerei Tagwerker in Diepoldsau
2008 Takeover of the Greuter-Jersey brand from the Schiesser Group
2006 60th anniversary of E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG .pdf E. Schelleberg Textildruck AG
2005 to 2009 Purchase of three modern wide-washing plants
2004 Takeover by his son, Peter Schellenberg
2003 Death of the company founder, Ernst Schellenberg
2001 Building extension for the final finishing department
1999 Modern Jet dyeing shop in the former print shop
1997 Building of the new print shop with two rotary printing machines
1987 Building extension for the CPB dyeing shop.
1984 New building with new pre-treatment
1978 Major fire in the raw material warehouse and construction of the new finishing building
1977 A solid construction replaces the barracks
1974 New building for a rotary printing machine
1972 Conversion into a Family AG
1967 Acquisition of a bleach plant
1961 New printing building and purchase of a 9-colour film printing machine
1955 Purchase of a 6-colour, flat film printing machine
1951 Purchase of a builder’s barracks from the Grimsel Dam and four 32-metre long printing tables
1947 Purchase of a stable and barn on the Wermatswilerstrasse in Fehraltorf, as well as two 14-metre long printing tables
1946 Ernst Schellenberg starts printing handkerchiefs on a 6-metre long table on the Grauen Gasse in Zurich Niederdorf